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With a lot of press and media attention, the recent legalisation of non-medical CBD use in the UK can lead to confusion. Let UK CBD Review help to inform you about CBD and CBD Products. Here, you will find information, reviews and products that will meet a range of dietary and theraputic needs.


UK CBD Review is designed to encourage you to research for yourself and provide sources to a range of off-site information. At all times, your well-being is paramount and we emphasise the importance of understanding by conducting your own research on which CBD product you should buy in the UK.


The main intention of UK CBD Review is to help inform your decision. We endeavour to cover an increasing selection of CBD and CBD related products in order to cover the widest possible range. Whilst we cannot claim to list every brand available on the UK market, we will try our best!


Learn more about UK CBD Review, our mission and pledge to you. There is important legal infomation to know, so make sure you have a read! 

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About CBD

What is CBD? How is CBD made? Is CBD safe? Is CBD legal in the United Kingdom? Can I buy CBD in the UK? All of these questions answered, and more.

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Product Reviews

Having trouble deciding which CBD product is right for you? Read user reviews and ratings here on a range of legal CBD products available on the UK market. 

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Are you over 18, resident in the UK and interested in helping to provide reviews for UK CBD reviews? Then find out more about how you can contribute.

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